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Naam van de dans                            Muziek en Uitvoerder                

 East Coast Switch            My Next Broken Heart - Brooks & Dunn

 Romance                            Let Your Love Flow - Bellamy Brothers

 12th of Never                   Twelfth Of never - Dolly Parton & Keith Urban

 Smooth Operator              I Wanne Be Your Man - Keith Urban

 Sons & Daughters Of Texas   Texas Pride - Miranda Lambert

 The Twixy                       Texas Plates - Kelly Coffey

 Leaving of Liverpool      The Leaving of Liverpool  - Shamrock

 Evrery Cotton Pickin' Morning      Every Cotton Pickin - Blake Shelton




 Rama lama ding dong     Rama lama ding dong - Rock sharp & The replays

 Celtic Kittens                       Celtic Kittens - Michael Flatley 

 I'm Alive                              I'm Alive - Celine Dion 

 Rock Around The Clock       Br5-49 - Seven Nights To Rock

 Never Ever                          No No Never-Texas Lightning

 Patient Heart                      Patient Heart - Bekka & Billy

 Instant Radiation              Chain Reaction - Steps

 Ain't Goin' Down              Ain't Goin' Down - Garth Brooks

 Black Horse                       Black  Horse & The Cherry Tree - Kt Tusstall

 Cowboy Rhytm                  Baby Like To Rock It - The Tractors

 Almighty                           Life Goes On - LeAnn Rime

 The Flying Scots               Voices Of The Highlands - Speed Limit

 Sleeping on the foldout     Sleeping on the foldout - Braid Paisley

 On The Double                  Riding Alone - Rednex

 Jailhouse Creole                Jailhouse Creole - Mike Shannon

 Dog And Bone                  How A Cowgirl Says Goodbey - Trace Lawrence

 I Wish                              Don't You Wish - John Fogerty





 Hard Luck Woman          Hard Luck Woman - Garth Brooks

 Before The Devil         If You're Going Through Hell - Rodney Atkins

 Don't You Wish          Don't You wish it was true - John Fogerty 

 Caliente                       Hey Baby que paso -  Texas Tornados

 Heart of an angel        Heart of an angel - Modern Talking

 Skifflebilly Bop          Skifflebilly Bop - The Lennerockers

6 Months and 18 Days  I have Been Lonely - Blake Shelton

 Where we've Been       Remember When - Alan Jackson

 Save A Horse              Save A Horse Ride A Cowboy - Big & Rich

 Mr Policeman             Mr Policeman - Braid Paisley

 Bare Essentials           Bare Essentials - Lee Kernaghan 

 Another Shot              Poor Me - Trick Pony 

 Beethovens Boogie      Boogie and Beethoven - Larry Gatlin 

 Walk With Me            Would You Go With Me - Josh Turner  

 Amazing Faith            Amazed - Lonestar 

 Friends For Ten          A Friend In Need - Dave Sherriff





 Tequila                        Tequila - Brooks & Dunn

 Sassafras Gap              Sassafras Gap - Lee Kernaghan

 Bread On The Table     Bread On The Table - Tom Wurth

 My Veronica                Veronica - Barbados

 Drink On                      Get My Drink On - Toby Keith

 A Guy's Waltz             I'm Still A Guy - Brad Paisley

 Far From The Charts    Far From The Charts - Lennerockers

 Rollin' With The Flow Rollin' With The Flow - Mark Chesnutt

 Swing Sweet Pussycat  Swing Sweet Pussycat - The Atomic Fireballs

 Party Time (Boogie) In Dixie  Southern Boy - Charlie Daniels Band & Travis T

 Good Time                     Good Time - Alan Jackson

 Coupe De Ville              Coupe De Ville - Lennerockers

 Jacob's Ladder              Jacob's Ladder - Mark Wills

 Be Strong                     The Words Y love You - Chris de Burgh

 Play Me A Dancer        Make Her Fall In Love With Me Song- George Strait

 Walking Backwards    Walking Backwards - Brandon Sandefur






 Take Back                    I'll Take You Back - Brad Paisley

 Get Your Feet Down   1,2,3 - Ann Tayler

 Singing The Song        This Is The Life - Amy Macdonald

 City Of New Orleans  City Of New Orleans - Roch Voisine of Willy Nelson

 Whiskey Lullabye      Whiskey Lullabye - Brad Paisley & alison Krauss

 Old Dan Tucker          Old Dan Tucker - Bruce Springsteen

 Tumbling Rush          They Call It Falling For A Reason - Trisha Yearwood

 Moonlight Kiss         Moonlight Kiss - Raul Malo

 Cowboy Man             Cowboy Man - Lyle Lovett

           U Turn            Your Heart Turned Left - Jason Allen

 Pacifico                     Cabo San Lucas - Toby Keith

 Lover Please Come Back  Honky Tonk Bar Association - Garth Brooks

 Galway Girls            Galway Girl - Steve Earl

 White Rose               White rose - Toby Keith

 Time To Swing          Time To Swing - Helmut Lotti

 It's America              It's America - Rodney Atkins





 Toes                           Toes - Zac Brown Band

 Gotta Keep Praying  Till The Answer Comes - Paul Overstreet

 Country As A Boy Can Be  Country As A Boy Can Be - Brady Seals

 Shhh It Happens       It Happens - Sugerland

 Woodside Shuffle     Woodside Shuffle - Mike Shannon

 Go With The Flow   Let Your Love Flow - alan Connor

 Christmas tree Rock  Rockin' around the Christmas tree - Miley Cyrus

 Drinkin' my baby goodbey  Drinkin' my baby goodbey - Charlie Daniels

 Party Time In Dixie    Southern Boy - Charlie Daniels Band & Travis Tritt

 Wanna Be Elvis         Elvis Tonight - Jason Allen

 Thank You                  Thank You - Keith Urban

 Easy Apple Jack         One Step at a Time - Buddy Jewel

 Little Red Book   You're more Than a number in my little red book - The Drifters

 Mack The Knife         Mack The Knife - Brain Setzer Orchestra

 Mr Rock 'n Roll         Mr Rock 'n Roll - Amy Macdonald

 Mexicali                     Mexico - Tobias Rene






 Louisiana Swing       Home To louisiana - Ann Tayler

 Midnight Waltz

 Speak With Your Heart  Don't Tell Me You're not in love - Colin Raye

 Mt Pockets                 If The Devil Danced In Empty Pockets - Joe Diffie

 Mary Mary                  Mary - Zac Brown Band

 Viva as Vegas             Viva Las Vegas - Elvis Presley

 Travling Band            Travling Band - Ccr

 Crazy People              People are Crazy - Billy Currington

 Chicken Fried             Chicken Fried - Zac Brown Band

 Rebel Dance               Rebel Child - Gretchen Wilson

 Tap Room Boogie       Maxims Tap Room Boogie - Travis Kidd